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Expand your empire to new boundaries!

Sid Meier has been making civilization games for a very long time, using a tried and true formula while adding innovations to each new incarnation. Sid Meier's Civilization VI is no exception. Plunge into the latest and greatest Civilization game, pick your empire, build your civilization and conquer the world!

Take control of the trade, your army and the politics

Civilization 6 is a turn based strategy game that puts the player in a godlike position controlling every aspect of fledgling empire and growing it into a mighty bastion against all odds. Control trade, military and political aspects while deciding what upgrades to pursue and how to spend money. Gather taxes and grow your population by installing utilities and entertainment. Work hard to keep them happy and your cities will flourish. One of the most interesting aspects of Sid Meier's Civilization VI is the timeline. Players start with their empire in the stone age and must guide them through a series of ages ending with the information age. Will your empire stand the test of time? Will you be able to take over the world and become it's supreme leader? Or will your ideals be crushed by rival factions vying for the same thing. The power is all in your hands with this amazing and award winning game. When you've honed your skills against the excellent AI, turn your attention to human competition, playing against foes on the internet or against friends. However you want to play, Civilization 6 accommodates.

A full 3D experience

Sid Meier's Civilization VI is an award winning next gen game from an award winning game company and it looks the part. Maps are laid out in stunning detail, all rendered in 3D. Watch as your city physically grows grows the map, consuming more and more territory. Management screens are clearly laid out and while you have almost limitless options to tweak and optimize your empire in Civilization 6, they are presented in such a way as to not overwhelm. Battles take place in glorious 3D across expansive battle grounds with the same turn based system that your turns take. Give your orders and watch your soldiers march into battle on your behalf. The score as well matches every mood, and is a subtle undertone to every action that you take. Presentation in Sid Meier's Civilization VI is excellent and what fans of the series have come to expect.

Will your empire last?

Civilization 6 continues the strong tradition of Sid Meier's legacy in excellent turn based strategy games. Game play and content are excellent and players will find hundreds of hours worth of content as they grow their kingdoms from small villages to world spanning super powers. Choose your own way to win, either with a military's iron fist or the cunning of a trade empire or political power. Play the way you want and win on your own conditions. Only know that you will ace opposition at every turn. Do you have what it takes to win at the latest Civilization game? There is only one way to find out!


  • Award winning strategy game is the best there is for turn based strategy
  • Graphics, game play and production value are second to none in the genre


  • This triple A title comes with a triple A price: this is not a free game
  • Excellent graphics require excellent hardware: the system requirements for playing require higher end machines

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